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Mizzi Organisation Finance

About Us


Mizzi Organisation Finance p.l.c. is a fully owned subsidiary of The Mizzi Organisation and acts as the Finance Company of the Group by raising debt from the Capital Markets.

Organisation Chart

Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Mizzi Organisation will deliver value to its stakeholders by actively seeking out and pursuing profitable opportunities that may present themselves, forming alliances where necessary, while endeavouring to delight our customers with excellence in quality, speed, reliability, dependability and value for money.

It will achieve its mission by:

  • Gathering and analysing pertinent information and monitoring key performance indicators
  • Identify opportunities and threats and act on them, both nationally and internationally
  • Build upon its strengths and seek out new competitive advantage
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for its staff
  • Communicate with labour unions so as to foster an atmosphere of understanding
  • Invest in its human resources by providing timely and pertinent training
  • Constantly assess the various sectors of its involvement and ensure that they are well positioned to take advantage of up coming opportunities
  • Actively build business networks